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Love Eternal Wooden Decoration Ornaments

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The love-themed wooden decorative ornaments are designed by our designer, who uses beautiful lines to depict the scene of lovers falling in love.
💖Unique Design: The decorative wooden ornaments with the theme of love were created by our designer, who depicts the scene of couples in love with beautiful lines.
💖Exquisite Craftsmanship: Hand-carved natural solid wood, with excellent wood carving art, hand-carved and polished, simply and intuitively show the feelings between lovers. Elaborate production and collection for many years.
💖High Quality: Exquisite artistic modeling, hand carved and polished, can be used to decorate or store houses, our decorative ornaments are made of high quality wood, which is not only beautiful but also very durable and shatterproof.
💖Wide Application: Put it in your room and decorate your room like a desk, table, bookcase, shelf, dining table, bedside table. Let your home have a beautiful landscape, designed with creative and cute animal shapes to ensure its popularity and practicality.
💖Love Gift: This wooden ornament is suitable as a Valentine's Day gift, can also be used on other occasions such as holidays / weddings / anniversaries, and is suitable as a gift and collection for lovers, parents or yourself. Suitable for Valentine's Day, Christmas, weddings and other celebrations.
Material: Wood
Weight: 2.5kg
Color: As Shown
Size: 10"*4.2"*1.5"
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